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The most important structural part of your house is its roof. It is more important than the foundation and even the walls. After all, it protects you and your family from rain, hail, snow and wind. It gives you shade on a hot summer’s day. It provides protection for your most treasured possessions. 

You should ensure, therefore, that your flat roof expert is experienced and uses the best materials and is built in line with strict standards of quality and workmanship. 

For those reasons you should look first at Jims Roofing Services. We provide flat roofs and flat roof repairs of the highest quality constructed by experienced workers at affordable prices. We serve all of Limerick and the surrounding area.

Our record speaks for itself. A family-owned business, we have a 32-year history of outstanding workmanship performed in a highly professional way.

We will cater to all your roofing needs

At Jims Roofing Flat Services we fully understand the roofing needs of Limerick residents and commercial businesses in our area. As a local business, we are dedicated to providing the best service and top-quality products at a competitive price to the people among whom we live.

We undertake all types of roofing including domestic flat roofs and commercial flat roofing in Limerick. We provide master quality flat roofs as well as flat roofing repairs, specialising in Fibreglass, and felt or Bitumen flat roofing repairs.

Grant & Council Approved Grant Work

We cover grant work as well as insurance work. We are fully licensed and insured. The Limerick City Council has approved us for grant work.

We never look for short cuts that might mean inferior quality of installation. At the same time, our prices are competitive with those who might use lower grade materials or even lower quality work.

We guarantee that our work and the products we use will be of the finest quality.

This history of exceptional service is why residential and commercial customers turn to Jims Roofing Services first for their roofing needs in the Limerick community and beyond. 

How we can help you

We can assist you in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.

• You need repairs to your roof, your chimney, your home’s fascia or gutters and downpipes.

The damage might be relatively minor and is causing your roof to leak, or it might be widespread, perhaps as result of severe wind or fire damage. We will assess the repairs that are required, taking cost into account, and perform only the work that is necessary.

If necessary, we will work with your insurance company.

• You are replacing an old roof that has outlived its life.

Before we replace the flat roof, we will examine the existing roof. We will determine how well the previous roof lived up to the demands placed on it. We will check out such aspects as whether some parts of the roof were under more stress than others and the reason they were.

A new type of roof might be more suitable than the previous roof, or, of course, the previous roof might have stood up well over the years and there would be no need to replace it with something markedly different.

After a thorough assessment, we will recommend the best replacement roof for your particular house, whether it is similar to the previous roof or needs to be different.

• You are building a home and you need to find a company that can install a roof as part of the construction plan.

We can provide you with a roof that will be suitable for your special needs. Each house is different and a run-of-the-mill roof that comes with an overall plan might not prove to be your best choice.

We will take a look at the area in which the house is situated and determine the best roof for the weather conditions that prevail in that area. The region might be subject to strong winds or heavy rains at some times of the year, for example. We will check, too, whether one side of the house is more subject to severe weather conditions than the other sides and how the roof might be affected as a result. The regular roof that comes as part of the house plan might not be the best for that particular site.

We will take into account that flat roofs are often more resistant to the forces of the wind than are other roofs, which can be more easily damaged.

We will also decide how best your roof will fit into the surrounding area in terms of the type of roof, the style, the colour and other factors.

Here our lengthy experience in the Limerick area provides us with a major advantage. We know the region well, we know the weather conditions, and we know the roofing requirements of our clients.

In addition to providing quality materials and workmanship, we strictly follow building codes and regulations for this area.

In short, when we build the roof, we will tailor it for your specific needs. It will be anything but run-of-the-mill.

• You need a specific roof.

We will build a roof to your specifications. We will advise you on what we consider to be the best choice, of course, but if you require a specific kind of roof built in a special way we will be happy to construct it for you.

Call us for a quotation

Call us today to learn how we can help you. If necessary, we will inspect your home and assess the damage or, if you require a new roof, we will provide you with several options and let you choose the type of roof that suits you best.

In all cases, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation without any obligation.

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